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Specific Surface Area per unit Volume

A default set of data is already included in the following table. You can see the stages necessary for calculating the specific surface area per unit volume of a particle distribution. If you have a particle size distribution then you may enter it instead of the default data and press the submit button - your data will be used in the calculation of the specific surface of your particles. The Sauter mean diameter is also calculated: this is the equivalent spherical diameter by surface area per unit volume to the full distribution, i.e. the particle diameter that has the same specific surface as that of the full distribution. It is always skewed towards the finer end of the distribution.

If you have fewer data points just enter zeros in the remaining boxes. If you have more data points then simply combine some of your data to reduce the number of data sets to the same as that used below.

The only inputs required are the yellow shaded squares

Index Top of increment

mass undersize
Mass fraction
in grade
Mass fract'n
by mid size
Mass fract'n
over mid point
1 100        
2 57.555 0.0154 0.8863 0.00026757
3 21.385 0.0776 1.6595 0.00362871
4 15.395 0.0551 0.8483 0.00357908
5 13.215 0.0716 0.9462 0.00541809
6 11.345 0.0863 0.9791 0.00760688
7 9.74 0.0962 0.937 0.0098768
8 8.36 0.094 0.7858 0.011244
9 7.175 0.0893 0.6407 0.012446
10 6.16 0.0816 0.5027 0.0132468
11 5.285 0.0712 0.3763 0.0134721
12 4.24 0.1069 0.4533 0.0252123
13 3.125 0.065 0.2031 0.0208
14 2.165 0.0465 0.1007 0.0214781
15 1.23 0.0226 0.0278 0.018374
16 0 0 0.39 0.0207 0.0081 0.0530769
TOTALS:     1.0000 9.3548 0.219727


Please note that the following table is ONLY valid for the default set of data -
you need to submit your data for it to be used in the calculations

  Mean size by mass: 9.35 microns
  Specific surface area/volume: 1.32 microns-1
  Specific surface area/volume:   1.32x106 m-1
  Sauter mean diameter: 4.55 microns

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